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#47 | INNovateHers: Overcoming Adversity to Build Network of Female Entrepreneurship

Episode Summary

Less than 3% of venture capital funding goes to women founders.  Yet studies show that women founders drive two times as much revenue as male founders and have better IRRs. Bobbi Kurshan and Kathy Hurley wrote InnovateHERs to highlight female business leaders and discover how women can leverage their entrepreneurial mindset to advance their careers. The book features the stories 29 entrepreneurial women, including those that overcame immense adversity including abject poverty, to achieve successes.  Each story is more inspiring then the prior, but decades of research into Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiles provides a framework to view their successes. Kurshan describes how purpose driven female leaders tend to overcome the propensity of women to be risk adverse.  In effect, female entrepreneurs are more likely to find their calling from a passion borne of empathy. Bobbi Kurshan describes how women can build their network, discover their passion, to become INNovateHERs.